Should I post a colorful Pretty Little Liars psd?

PSD #5 by gifpsds (ask for the download link)
Ask for the download link in the gifpsds ask box, please. I want to know who’s gonna have this psd since this psd is a psd that I don’t want just anyone to have. Simply because I know people will take things from it to make a psd similar to it. Thanks.

I’m posting a new Glee psd today! Do you guys want it to be simple or really colorful?

PSD #3 by gifpsds {download}
Please like or reblog if you take!  A simple psd for the Vampire Diaries gifs. A yellowish off-white look with a hint of red.

Anonymous asked: your psds are so pretty! do make some on PLL and TVD! :D

Thank you! I’m about to post a new TVD psd, and once I get my hands on a 720p PLL episode, I’ll make a PLL psd :)

PSD #3 by gifpsds {download}
Please like or reblog if you take!  If there’s too much redness, take off the first selective color layer.

Hey everyone! Thanks SO so so much for following this blog! It means a lot. I’m finally back from my hiatus! I had gotten milk spilled inside my computer and it had to be shipped out to Kentucky to be looked at. It had too much damage so I had to buy a new computer. (Thank God I had bought the warranty!) Both of the psds I’ve posted are now officially unlocked and I’ll get on the requests right away! :)

Anonymous asked: the link to dianna agron psd is set to private :( could you make it public or re-upload it?

I’m on a HUGE hiatus, and don’t have a computer right now, so I can’t undo that sigh if you can wait a couple weeks I’ll reset it to public. Even I don’t have the psd right now :/

Any requests?


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PSD #2 by gifpsds {download}
Please like or reblog if you take!  Works on most scenes!